"Spiel das, was du kannst!" Sepp Herberger

Next step orientation

In modern companies, employees are expected to take self-responsibility for their professional development and ensure they remain engaged and productive.

This means knowledge workers need to know:

  • Where and in what role they can perform optimally
  • When they need to change their career path
  • How to stay engaged and productive

This in turn requires a dedicated knowledge of personal strengths, talents, motives and contextual conditions for personal success.
How do employees acquire this essential knowledge, which is a prerequisite for shaping their own careers? Employees need support to answer questions about maintaining their employability and finding personally suitable career paths. What is needed are models, instruments and sparring partners that help to reflect on the above-mentioned questions and thus create orientation and direction for themselves.

Our services:

We offer seminars and coaching for career path planning within the company and preparation for development dialogues with managers. The aim is to optimise the fit between employee profile and job. We use, among others, the method of Richard Nelson Bolles, which has been successfully used in the USA for 25 years. With this method, we create a concrete picture of the employee's personal career development.