CFO: "Was, wenn wir die Mitarbeiter qualifizieren und sie gehen?"

CEO: "Was, wenn wir sie nicht qualifizieren und sie bleiben!"

Company Profile

Wengel & Hipp is a coaching company in the field of organisational and personnel development.

Our clients include leading industrial and service companies as well as medium-sized companies and public institutions.

Our core competence is the development of people, structures and processes and the improvement of corporate and leadership culture. We develop customised solutions with internal managers and experts.

Our team consists of qualified senior consultants with many years of experience in coaching and training within companies. Depending on the task at hand, we put together the optimal team to achieve your goals.

We focus on:

  • Your organisation:
Your organisation's resources, experience and vision are the basis of our consulting work.

  • Your employees:
Our goal is to strengthen your employees' core competencies and problem-solving skills.

  • Our guiding principles that provide direction:

    Systemic thinking and a consistent focus on resources and solutions are the essential guiding principles of our work. We consider your questions in the context of relevant environments and seek solutions that are implementable for all stakeholders involved.

  • Collaboration: 
    We develop our approaches in close coordination with you.