Stress Management

For most companies, unleashing the full potential of creativity and innovation in their employees is a decisive competitive factor. At the same time, high performers in particular face increasing pressure from today's demands. They often feel overwhelmed by the complex challenges and the number of tasks they need to handle. To deal with the resulting stress, new approaches and measures are needed to sustainably maintain the vitality and willingness to perform of employees. It is essential to systematically strengthen the resilience and coping abilities of individual employees and the entire organization as a preventive measure.


Our offers:

  • Trainings and coaching on stress management and work-life balance
    • Up-to-date know-how on the effects of stress, stress symptoms, stress patterns, etc.
    • Physical exercises for relaxation and activation of resources
    • Identification and resolution of obstructive stress patterns
    • Recognising personal relaxation preferences
    • Mental training for constructive handling of stressful situations

  • Coaching for employees to prevent burnout

  • Coaching for employees to reintegrate after a burnout experience

  • Stress know-how for managers - recognising and preventing stress
    • Definition, symptoms, warning signs, and causes of burnout
    • Approaches to behavioral and situational prevention, stress management
    • What can collegial support look like in a team?

  • Training on modern relaxation methods: Recovering - but in the right way
    • Introduction to relaxation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training, mental techniques)
    • Developing approaches for a balanced stress-recovery equilibrium
    • Unwinding, enjoying, and planning pleasant activities (parasympathetic competence)