Upward - Feedback Systems

  • Upward - Feedback is a highly effective and efficient means of developing the leadership competence and culture within an organization. In contrast to 360-degree feedback systems, upward feedback focuses solely on feedback from managers and employees. This saves resources and focuses on the central point of shaping the leadership relationship
  • With the help of the Upward Feedback System, managers receive feedback on individual strengths and development areas and a comparison between self-perception and how others perceive them. This provides an opportunity for managers to reflect on their own understanding of leadership and, with the support of a coach, address any leadership deficits they may have
  • Simultaneously, the feedback and trust culture within the organization is supported, and managers are challenged to act as role models for the desired leadership culture and continuous development

Our services:

  • Tailoring the feedback questions to your targeted leadership culture or guidelines
  • Facilitation of the online process
  • Coaching offer for the managers to evaluate the feedback and work on the derived development goals