„Krise ist ein ungemein produktiver Zustand. Man muss ihr nur den Beigeschmack der Katastrophe nehmen.“

Max Frisch

Change Management Consulting

The initial situation and change objectives of organizations vary greatly. Therefore, our consulting services in change management also depend on the business situation and the nature of the planned change:

  • Planning and designing change projects
  • Post-merger integration - planning and implementation of measures
  • Designing and facilitating cultural change
  • Supporting the implementation of organizational changes/ Accompaniment during the introduction of organizational changes
  • Large-scale events - Open Space, World Café, etc.
  • Subject-specific coaching in change projects

Experience shows that only tailor-made solutions generate sustainable success for change processes. A key success factor of our work in this area is therefore incorporating many years of experience with all types of change projects into the design of the change architecture and tailoring it precisely to your situation.


What do we focus on in our consulting?

Our change management approach focuses on linking the content of the change (WHAT is done?) more strongly with the HOW:

  1. HOW are the substantive issues addressed?
  2. HOW are employees and managers being involved?
  3. HOW is communication being conducted?
  4. HOW are employees/managers being empowered?
  5. HOW is the behavior expected in the future exemplified?