„Handle so, dass die Wirkungen deiner Handlung verträglich sind mit der Permanenz echten menschlichen Lebens auf Erden.“ Hans Jonas

Our Attitude

Even the cleverest models, the most sophisticated techniques have little effect if the attitude of the counsellors does not match the aspiration that their coaching philosophy conveys



Devaluing people harms them emotionally and prevents the integration of different perspectives. People need appreciation in order to connect to their resources and to face challenges in a positive way.


Development is individual because people and organizations are unique. When the resources of diversity are recognized, uniqueness is no longer a problem, but part of the solution.


Good solutions keep short- and long-term effects and side effects in mind. Only changes with a sense of proportion create sustainable results.

Truth lies in the eye of the beholder

Every person acts meaningfully from his or her own perspective. Understanding and integrating different perspectives only succeeds when everyone begins to broaden their perspective.