Björn Müller-Kalthoff

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"Good is what works" - that's the motto of Björn, born in 1966.

A graduate in economics and bilingual industrial clerk, he has been working as a systemic organisational developer, coach and trainer for over 15 years. He is fascinated by all forms of individual and professional change and how they can be creatively mastered, leading to personal growth. He builds on his many years of professional and leadership experience in internationally operating companies as well as on his certified training with Gunther Schmidt at the Milton-Erickson Institute in Heidelberg, with Bernd Schmid at the Institute for Systemic Consulting in Wiesloch as well as with Stephen Gilligan.

His most important fields of work are leadership coaching, development of leaders and teams, conflict management and mediation as well as the support of change projects.

Due to his many years of work in a global high-tech company, Björn enjoys working in international settings. In his work, he combines extensive experience in organisational development and leadership with systemic consulting work and attitude: "My aspiration is to develop coherent system solutions for change that are liveable and lead to a better flow in one's profession."


  • Gunther Schmidt – Hypnosystemics in Coaching and Team Development
  • Stephen Gilligan - Generative Coaching
  • Bernd Schmid ISB – Systemic Consulting
  • Robert Dilts – Stress Avoidance, Burnout Prevention, Life Balance
  • Fons Trompenaars – Cross-Cultural Management
  • Lis Ripke - Mediation
  • University of St. Gallen – Strategic Management


  • Gunther Schmidt, Anna Dollinger, Björn Müller-Kalthoff (2009, 2nd edition 2012): Well Advised in Crisis – Tools and Concepts for Everyday Exceptional Situations, managerSeminare Verlag, Bonn
  • Björn Müller-Kalthoff (2002): Cross-Media Management – Successfully Implementing Content Strategies, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg