Merle Meyer

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Merle Meyer supports organisations, managers and employees in change processes. After completing a master's degree in International Management, she discovered her passion for systemic consulting and change management at ISB Wiesloch. Throughout her career at two large corporations in the energy and automotive industries, she held various positions in the areas of strategy, in-house consulting and organisational development. Presently, she operates both independently and as a senior change management consultant within a major corporation. This diverse experience provides her with a keen understanding of how organizations operate, the challenges that leaders and employees face, and which practical approaches that can be implemented.

The focus of her work is primarily on the conception and facilitation of international transformation projects, the training of future change managers, and the coaching of high potentials. In her work, she combines her experience in systemic consulting and organisational development with transactional analytical approaches.

With her positive charisma and enthusiasm for change, she builds a trusting relationship that focuses on solution-oriented and practical work. Above all, she is fascinated by encounters with people who are going through individual or organisational change, as well as the development that leads to personal growth through professional guidance.

Current areas of focus:

Organisational Development & Change Management

  • Design and planning of change processes
  • Implementation and guidance of change and transformation projects
  • Change communication


  • Career and potential development
  • Personal development
  • Dealing with change
  • Support in transitioning to a new role

Training and Moderation

  • Concept and moderation of workshops and conferences
  • Change management training

Further training

  • 2017-2019: isb Wiesloch, Certified Systemic Consultant
  • 2020-2021: In Stability, Transactional Analysis