Patrick Kinzler

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Patrick Kinzler, born in 1970, works as a systemic consultant and facilitator for Wengel and Hipp. The core of his work is supporting decision makers and management teams in mobilising and aligning their organisations.

Originally graduated as a civil engineer, he joined the construction industry as an internal management consultant after graduation. Through various topics (quality management, knowledge management, online strategies and innovation management) as a consulting focus in the construction and chemical industries, he found his way to his current work as a facilitator and catalyst of team and organisational development processes.

Patrick Kinzler works internationally in German, English and Spanish and in this context knows how to enrich individuals, small groups and large group events alike with his liveliness.

His intention is to use proven methods and creative elements for finding points of leverage where minimal effort can yield significant results without disrupting the organization's balance.

Current Areas of Focus:

Executive Team Development

  • Strategy, vision, and values work
  • Conflict transformation – using conflict for change
  • Strategic leadership events

Leadership Training & Coaching

  • Leadership development for high potentials - competence development, development of inner strength and outer effectiveness, leadership feedback programmes
  • Leadership development for experienced leaders – expanding the scope of action, dealing with rank and hierarchy, strategic organisational control, Leadership Feedback Programs
  • Personal development – role change coaching, presence, and impact coaching

Change Consulting

  • Change design - system solutions and change architectures
  • Change support - communication, management-level sparring, facilitation
  • Culture development - culture analysis, organisational development, differentiated participation

Training and Certifications

  • Process Work / Worldwork - Conflict Transformation (Max Schupbach, Lukas Hohler)
  • Systemic Consultant Training (Fritz Simon)
  • Wu Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Training (SiFu Ma Jiangbao)
  • Communication Excellence (Prof. Dr. Weisbach)
  • Theory U / Presencing (C.O. Scharmer)
  • Large Group Facilitation (BASF internal)
  • Agility and New Organizational Forms (Thorsten Heilig COO Movel – agile working principles - why agile? digitized business needs new organization and nextU – certification in "Agile thinking and organizational development in new organizational forms")


  • Systemic and Business Coach (European Coaching Association)
  • Self-Managing Leadership Program (SML) (Oxford Leadership Academy)

Personal Qualifications

  • 1998: Diploma in Civil Engineering (University of Wuppertal)
  • 1998-1999: Consultant at IQ-Bau, topic "Partnership Concepts in Construction" (University of Wuppertal)
  • 1999-2000: Consultant in corporate development, knowledge management (Philipp Holzmann AG)
  • 2000-2004: Head of Online Relations and Manager Corporate Innovation (Celanese AG)
  • 2004-2011: Senior Change Management Consultant (BASF SE)
  • 2007-2010: Part-time work as a change consultant
  • Since 2011: Freelance work as a consultant, coach, and facilitator


"If you don't know which path to choose, take the first step."